Noon’s Four Season Crawling Insect and Mice Prevention

About Noon’s Four Season Crawling Insect and Mice Prevention System

Year-round pest prevention is essential for maintaining an eco-friendly, healthy, well-preserved indoor and outdoor environment. Noon Pest Prevention Services’ pioneering Four Season Crawling Insect and Mice Prevention System uses advanced, innovative methodologies to help eradicate pests including ants, cockroaches, and mice throughout the entire year. An untreated environment makes a hospitable home for these nuisances and can cause structural damage, germs, allergy irritation and can even trigger adverse health reactions in children and pets.

The Noon Four Season Insect and Mice Prevention System works by zeroing-in on the unique environmental factors of each season. In the spring, when insects are repopulating, our technicians pay close attention to the exterior of your home by targeting insect-prone hot spots like spider webs, food sources and garbage. This step is essential for eradicating cockroaches and ants. In the summer, we help control insects and mice by eliminating their food sources using repellant and spreading bait in your mulch, gravel and rock beds. Come fall, Noon’s pest prevention specialists will treat your home so it’s closed off to pests by caulking cracks and removing spider webs. Finally, to prepare for the cold weather months, we monitor and target indoor insects using low impact dust treatments and pest control baits.

Each step requires a variety of highly effective-yet-eco-friendly materials that not only help target immediate pest infestations, but also lower the likelihood of future infiltration. What’s unique about our approach is that it’s guided by an insect or mouse’s specific lifecycle and biology, so we can effectively eliminate insects and mice from the interior and exterior of your home for all 12 months of the year.

Targeted Pests

    • Ants*
    • Mice
    • Rats
    • Spiders
    • Stored Product Pests
    • Centipedes
    • Millipedes
    • Springtails
    • Pill Bugs
    • Sow Bugs
    • Silverfish
    • Clover Mites
    • Earwigs

* Carpenter Ants not included

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