Commercial Pest Control Services

About Noon’s Commercial Pest Control Services

In order to uphold your reputation and keep customers coming back, it’s essential that you safeguard your business from insect and mice infestation. Our commercial pest control systems are equipped to handle any business, including office buildings, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, hospitals, health care facilities, schools and just about any other establishment imaginable. With year-round methodologies that are guided by a species’ unique lifecycle, our pest control services for businesses are designed to ensure that your company remains hospitable for customers, clients and guests, but inhospitable for nuisances.

With highly-targeted, comprehensive systems that can eradicate and control mice, rats and ants, our restaurant pest control options will help ensure that your eatery, bakery, factory or food service facility remains free of infestation, so you uphold food safety laws and regulations without exposing your supplies, equipment and employees to harmful chemicals. Commercial food service pest prevention can aid in odor control and can help keep flies out of the kitchen or food prep areas while helping to preserve your business’ reputation.

We also offer full-service bed bug treatments that control and prevent bed bug infestation, ideal for hotels, hostels, buses, shared vehicles, assisted living facilities, condominiums and apartment complexes. Our commercial bed bug services target every nook and cranny to let pests know there’s “no vacancy.” Likewise, our advanced termite eradication systems are essential for businesses small and large that operate out of free-standing structures or utilize wood materials. Commercial termite control services are crucial for wood supply companies, carpenters and other businesses that use termite-vulnerable materials for operation.

Noon Pest Prevention Services’ commercial pest control experts start by thoroughly inspecting the structure, foundation, exterior and interior of your brick-and-mortar business to determine whether or not to impart prevention or treatment systems. Then, using eco-friendly, EPA-approved materials and state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll thoroughly eradicate nuisances and ensure that they’re unlikely to return. All of these business pest control options are designed to help maintain your business’ reputation for a thriving, hospitable customer environment.

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