Bed Bug Control

About Noon’s Bed Bug Control Services

One of the most common but irritating pests imaginable, bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) feed on human blood and leave behind itchy, unsightly bites and welts all over the body. For some people, a bed bug bite can mean a stubborn allergic reaction that can be difficult to treat. Typically concentrated in areas with high-moving populations, like hotels, apartment buildings, dorms, cruise ships and public transportation, bed bug infestations have been reported all across the world. The United States and Canada are currently in the midst of a particularly problematic bed bug epidemic, with infestations being reported in every state and city, in structures ranging from condominiums to five-star hotels.

Though they have a distinct, easy-to-identify physiology, bed bugs are exceptionally hard to detect because they dwell in unseen places, like inside headboards, within mattresses, in dressers, beneath wallpaper and inside cracks and crevices. Because they are nocturnal and generally elusive, bed bugs often go unspotted. The most obvious ways to determine whether or not you have a bed bug infestation is to pay close attention to spots on your skin, but also to inspect your living space – primarily your bedroom – for small, brown or black sand-like droppings that appear in patches, blood splotches on your sheets and the presence of bed bugs’ empty exoskeletons. If you see any of these warning signs, you should immediately consult a bed bug extermination expert.

At Noon Pest Prevention Services, we offer a wide breadth of bed bug control and prevention services. We use only the most advanced, eco friendly, thorough and effective bed bug treatments to help eradicate your living environment and help keep infestation controlled. Bed bug management relies on a combination of both non-pesticide measures and the occasional use of chemicals.

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